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SR5150 SB5150 MBR5150 Diode DO-201A for tv repairing

RM 3.00

Usually used for repairing boards from TV or other electronic items.

Diode MBR5150 / SR5150 / SB5150
OEM Quality CE RU VDE Approved
No warranty.

NOT reprint type
NOT fake
NOT used
NOT recovered from old board

Usually used for repairing TV.

Try our stock if:
1. The stock you bought burnt immediately or after few hours of running.
2. Printing on IGBT/MOSFET/IC differs from the original on the board.

This product is meant to be used by tv repairers or those with electrical or electronic knowhow to handle tv repairing.
Each unit is tested with IGBT/Mosfet tester before delivery.
We offer no warranty, refund or return.